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Congrats to Our Camp Alums at the NFL & Collegiate Levels...

By Admin, 12/31/13, 10:00PM CST


...thanks for being a part of our tradition since 1988!

For over 25 years, our camps have been helping young athletes prepare for playing at the next level - be it the starting position on his team, a future collegiate opportunity or the dream of the NFL.  We have the experience, knowledge and ability to help your athlete succeed to his fullest potential.  With the incorporation of our Advanced Camps, athletes now have the opportunity to further fine tune their skills and get prepared for the increased physical and mental demands it takes at the next level.

NFL ATHLETES (to include but not limted to):
Tony Romo                  Dallas Cowboys
Kyle Orton                   Dallas Cowboys
Tyrod Taylor                Baltimore Ravens
Ryan Lindley               Arizona Cardinals
Brock Osweiler            Denver Broncos
Kellen Moore               Detroit Lions
Chris Greisen              Arizona Cardinals
Lon Sheriff                   Miami Dolphins
Kevin O'Connell           San Diego Chargers
Gerell Robinson           Denver Broncos/Buffalo Bills

DIVISION I COLLEGIATE ATHLETES (to include but not limited to):

Mitch Heryl                Univ. of Wisconsin
Jordan Payne             Alcorn State
Kyle Spalding             San Diego State
Joel Stave                   Univ. of Wisconsin
Riley O'Toole               Univ. of Ilinois
Jake Josetti                 Ball State Univ.
Ozzie Mann                 Ball State Univ.
Jeremy Vanden Berg   Univ. of Iowa
Caleb Terbush             Purdue Univ.
Kyle Seyfried               Miami of Ohio
Austen Arnaud             Iowa State
Nick Cieslak                 Northern Illinois
Connor Senger            Univ. of Wisconsin
Tate Forcier                 Univ. of Michigan
Kol Cassel                   SMU
Charlie Marks              Brown University
Phillip Nelson              Univ. of Minnesota
Ben Edwards               Univ. of Richmond
Teddy Ruben               Air Force Academy
Tim McManus              Dartmouth University
Jordan Payne              Alcorn State Univ.
Brian Brunner               Central Michigan Univ.
Aaron Rosheim            Iowa State
Tyler Arciago                UNLV
Lance Baretz                Univ. of Wisconsin
AJ Derby                      Univ. of Arkansas
Brady Keliher               Univ. of Wisconsin

DIVISION II ATHLETES (to include but not limited to):
Tucker Hazard               Univ. of MN-Duluth
Chase Cartwright         Northern Arizona Univ.
Vinny Gay                     Panhandle Univ.
Brandon Bornhauser    Moorehead State Univ.
Cody Kangas                Northern Michigan Univ.
Andy Proctor                 Kentucky Wesleyan Univ.
Josh Cecena                Sacramento State
Cole Jaescke               Upper Iowa Univ.
Matt Skorupka              Northern Michigan Univ.
Brock Jensen               North Dakota State
Jeff Karschnik               Southwest Minnesota State
Michael Jorgenson       Campbell Univ.
Joel Osborne                Northwest Missouri State
Joe Bitterman               Northwood Univ.
Marc Stasik                   Northwood Univ.
Clay Garcia                   Colorado School of Mines
Rowdy Arciaga              Colorado School of Mines
Tim Freiberg                  Northern Michigan Univ.
Cole Solomon               Winona State Univ.
Josh Firm                      Univ. of Missouri - Science & Tech
Steve Covalt                  Drake Univ.
Alex Harrell                    Central Methodist Univ.
Jared Goff                      Univ. of California
Austin Young                Northern Michigan Univ.

DIVISION III (to include but not limited to):

Andrew Valen                 Gustavus Adolphus College
Tanner Mathias               Sierra College
Andrew Youngbauer       UW-LaCrosse
Dennis Goetti                  UW-LaCrosse
Eric Treske                      Wisconsin Lutheran College
Dylann Rauch                 UW-Oshkosh
Jeff Donovan                   UW-Whitewater
Corey Knapp                   UW-Whitewater
Matt Trickey                    Ripon College
Andy Capes                    Ripon College
Kendal Gibson                Illinois College
Evan Jones                     Carthage College
James Blackburn            UW-Oshkosh
Tom Sawyer                    Ripon College
Lee Brekke                      UW-Whitewater
Mark Rosenbaum            Susquehanna Univ.
Jacob Hutchinson            Bridgewater College
Ben Hackbart                   St. Norbert College
Michael Bates                  Illinois College
Charles Feller                   Coe College
Tanner Owens                  Thomas Moore College
Mike LaFleur                     Elmhurst College
Billy VendeMarkt               Elmhurst College
Jason Opsal                      Gustavus Adolphus College
Chad Dubbe                      Gustavus Adolphus College
Danny Kieffer                    St. Norbert College
Kevin Hansen                   St. Norbert College
Dan Dugan                        College of New Jersey
Brad Dement                     Carroll Univ.
Justin Lockrem                  Univ. of St. Thomas
Nick Jacobs                       UW-LaCrosse
Brent Luplow                     Alma College
Willie Logan                       Bridgewater College
Matt Williquette                  UW-LaCrosse
Jake Nelson                       Monmouth College
Mike Blizel                         UW-Stout
Jim Jeffers                         Muhlenberg College
Zac Mestelle                      UW-LaCrosse
Dennis Van Bramer            UW-Platteville
Matt O'Connell                   Univ. of St. Thomas